small potatoes

Quartzite Dave Morrison ©1995 Suburban Rustic


Roy took his pension after thirty some years
A machinist at Allied in Cleveland
Now he passes his days pretty much all the same
Maybe listens to the Indians in the evening
He watches his options whittle down to a few
And his once wide horizons grow narrow
Roy went downtown, took a second on the house
He drove home in a brand new Pace Arrow
There’s a cab-over Roadstar with a Datsun in tow
On a road ten miles out of Sedona
Three days ago they closed the house in St. Paul
And tonight it’s southwest Arizona
She’s slower ion rising, sometimes she forgets
And what’s left of his hair has turned white
But by anyone’s measure there’s life in them yet
And they’ll dance on the desert tonight
Up north where we come from it’s snowing, of course
But it’s warm as a baby here in Quartzite
The river’s are frzen way back to their source
But we’ll dance on the desert tonight
There’s a bunch of old duffers with drums and guitars
Tuning up on and old plywood stage
We’ll pull on our boots and our best western gear
Just to get out and act half our age
I ain’t leaving none of these pages unfilled
Always felt like a rascal, I feel that way still
Sty with m dear up this one final hill
And we’ll dance on the desert tonight
John Rice: fiddle
Willy Schwarz: accordion





© 2020 Small Potatoes